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March 2018

May the continued grace of Christ Jesus, our Lord, be with you all as we continue our journey to the foot of the cross during this season of Lent...

As we travel through the remainder of Lent in the month of March, I hope you will continue with more inner reflection, repentance and renewal with a contemplative mid-week prayer service written for us by Vicar Rich. Remember these midweek services are all part of his seminary internship project, and we want to support him in his journey toward ordination in the ELCA.

So what do we gain from contemplative prayer? In my mind, it is an intentional mindset in prayer helping to block out all distractions. It’s also faith building and most of all, it is a discipline for our prayer life as Lutheran Christians. It takes a little practice, as does any discipline. I hope you will find it beneficial for strengthening your prayer life not only as we move through Lent, but through life’s journey itself.

We aren’t perfect as humans on this planet we call earth, but remember we can’t be perfect, not even in prayer. We bring to God anything that concerns or disturbs us. We name it in prayer and, then, we wait. We wait for God to intersect and show us His will for us even in our darkest hour or point of greatest weakness.

Remember that in our human weakness, each one of us, in our own way, has been separated from a perfect relationship with God. This is our human predicament according to 20th century German-American theologian, Paul Tillich. That is, no matter how hard we try the insidiousness of sin gets in the way of our good intentions and clouds our ability to love and serve others unconditionally.

The good news is that our God is a compassionate and loving God, who through the body and blood of Jesus, died on the cross so that we, each of us, be freed from all that binds up our hearts and souls.

Dear friends, God loves us so very much, and God wants to walk closer with us especially…when we may have turned away. During this second part of this Lenten season 2018, it is important that we be intentional about admitting our errors of life, that we take time to put aside our pride and desires, and humbly repent in mind, body and spirit…journeying in the mercy of almighty God.

Here is one more discipline to implement during this second part of the Lenten Season. As in the past, I strongly encourage you to take a few moments each day during Lent, in the morning or evening, or both to read Psalm 51:1-7, (our Ash Wednesday Penitential Psalm), then pray this prayer:

“God of love, in Jesus Christ you gave yourself for us, and we give thanks to you. Living according to your holy will, keep our feet firmly on the way where Christ leads us; make our mouths speak the truth that Christ teaches; fill us with the life that is Christ within us. In his holy name we pray. Amen.”

If you haven’t done so already, join us on Wednesday evenings for our soup suppers at 6pm and our Contemplative Services (7:00-7:30pm.) It’s a great way to relax and end your day on a quieter, more peaceful note. And remember, you are not only helping yourself, you are helping and supporting our Vicar in becoming a pastor in the near future.

March 25th brings us closer to the end of Lent with Palm Sunday and our annual Palm Parade and Sunday School Egg Hunt during the Sunday School hour (10:45-11:45). All students are invited to bring some friends to this event sponsored by the Sunday School staff.

Holy week services are: Maundy Thursday with Holy Communion, March 29th at 7:00 pm and Good Friday with the Tenebrae Candlelight Service (the Passion of Christ) March 30th at 7:00 pm. Then on April 1st, we’ll gather Sunday morning at 9:30 am for our glorious Easter celebration with special music and our glad alleluias and Swedish fish return!

Again, may we all truly find rest and renewal this Lenten season, and I hope and pray that you and your family will celebrate Easter Sunday, The Resurrection of Our Lord, at Trinity!

God’s peace be with you, in the name of Jesus Christ,

The Reverend Nancy L. Moore,

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