April 2019

"How often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing!" -- Luke 13:34.

After the first Wednesday evening service in mid-March, I drove home as I usually do. The air was warmer than it had been in a long time. As I pulled in the driveway I could see our dog, Gracie, waiting patiently for me through the window. As I reached in to pick up my bag, I heard a sound that I look forward to every Spring ... that first flock of geese flying overhead in the darkness. Even though I couldn't see them, I heard them, and I stood ever so still until their sound faded away into the darkness. What I then noticed was a split second of peace and calmness. The same calmness that seems to catch me off guard every Spring, that time of year when we get a little less darkness and little more of the sights and sounds of nature coming alive in God's creation. That feeling of hope that comes with the renewal of creation ...

A feeling the brood of chicks might sense as the mother hen spreads her wing across them and pulls them in close to her; a feeling that might come down to each of us as we take a moment to pause and listen for God's voice ... through nature itself.

But, you know, I wasn't always so impressed by nature.

In fact, there was a time in my life when I was going through life at such a pace that I just wanted to crash into a brick wall to bring it all to a halt!

Well, watch what you wish for ...

I mean, I never thought I'd be able to say this, but after two years in recovery from that horrible day in June, 2017, it has made me appreciate more things than ever before!
- the simple things like a sunset,
- that random flock of geese flying overhead,
- that "coming alive scent" of Spring in the air,
- the smile of a child looking up at you
- the hug of another child clutching your leg as one walks through the Sunday School hallway.

My friends, I urge you to take time ... take time to watch our community come alive again, to sit on a porch or stoop again, to see ice cream stands celebrating their grand openings, or to see a purple crocus pop up here or there. God gave us all of these things to remind us of God's real presence in the midst of a suffering world!

Recently, Bev drove me to my first call church, St. John's in Nazareth, PA, for the calling hour and viewing of a dearly respected colleague, the Reverend David Schaeffer. Pastor Schaeffer was the Sr. Pastor where I served as Assistant Pastor from 2006-2008. But, what I found most surprising was that I didn't shed a tear. Instead I felt a sense of comfort as in going home again. You see, this is where my ministry began, and there is something very special about a place that treated me well and helped me learn and succeed so God could put me in a current call that I have come to know as a second home. All of us gathered at St. John's, Nazareth were, of course, saddened by our great loss, but yet truly feeling the support of each other. All of us possessed one thing in common, our faith that we would one day see Pastor David Schaeffer again, in that place we've come to know as heaven through our faith together in our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are all reminded of the depth of our faith in the familiar verse of our gospel lesson on March 17th: "Blessed is the One who comes in the name of the Lord!" This verse is most certainly a foreshadowing of Palm Sunday, and yet it is also telling us that we are blessed, too, as we come before the One who gives us hope, blessed as we seek the comfort and grace God freely given to us through the renewal of Spring and the springs of the waters of life, in the face of an innocent child, or through the memory of a loved one ever so dear to us, and, most of all, in our Lord Jesus Christ who gave himself so we might live without burden or guilt.

Dear Friends, Spring reminds us that God so loved this world drawing near to us out of sheer unconditional love. Take time and be willing this Spring! Especially, in these last weeks of the Lenten Season, as we move toward Holy Week, and into that joyous Easter dawn ... to experience that holy love of God in your own heart, in your own life!

A very happy and blessed Easter season from my family to yours!

The Reverend Nancy L. Moore, Pastor

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